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“epidemic” test | president of liby group chen zeb
2020-03-30 10:06:07

the epidemic was an “unprecedented severe winter” for all industries. beset by the national “epidemic fighting”, whether sharp drop of offline consumption or consequences arising from lagged logistics transportation, whether shortage of manpower and material resources or tight cash flow arising from shipment drop were “a final exam” for all industries during the “epidemic”. it was hard to carry out an assignment in time, not to speak of an excellent mark.

facing the “epidemic”, liby group, a representative of the daily chemical industry handed on a perfect paper by virtue of excellent emergency disposal and risk resistance capacity, which greatly benefited from “group digitalization strategy” deployed by president chen zebin.

liby group donated materials valued 200 million yuan in a digital way

when the epidemic just broke out, disinfection materials were badly needed, and liby group and cheerwin group decided to donate disinfection materials valued 200 million yuan and distribute them to all designated hospitals across the country. by march 15, these disinfection materials have been delivered to more than 2000 designated hospitals of 363 cities to strongly support containing the epidemic.

    delivery of disinfection products valued 200 million yuan was backed by a series of difficulties in organizing work resumption quickly, allocating production materials urgently and coordinating with logistics transportation resources, which was not easy during the spring festival when the whole staff was quarantined at home!

through a uniform and the unique digital mobile office platform-dudu, liby group quickly organized all employees in key posts to work online during the spring festival. some employees were able to work remotely by february 3 and the entire group organized to improve efficiency collaboratively, fully supported production and transportation scheduling of “donation of materials valued 200 million yuan” and realized whole-staff epidemic fighting through combined “cloud office” mode of telecommuting site office by february 10.

under the “cloud office” mode, liby group called more than 3000 voice conferences, more than 1000 video conferences and tens of line broadcasts average per day. a total of nearly 50 projects collaborated remotely and hundreds of tasks were managed online. nearly 2000 salesmen contacted each other online and more than 3000 employees submitted daily work reports……

liby group broke space and time limitations in a digital way, achieved efficient operation and offered strong guarantee for delivering disinfection materials to the frontline.

digital distribution broke the situation, liby group ensured product supply

except for donating materials valued 200 million yuan to the frontline, president of liby group chen zebin thought and focused more on how to help chinese families buy liby disinfection products easily during and even after the epidemic.

liby group sold products mainly through offline retail and online e-commerce channels before. during the epidemic, liby group focused more on how to deliver disinfection products to retail stores and enable consumers buy products easily through online channels according to national need for epidemic prevention when the whole country was lack of logistics capacity, middle and small-sized retail stores were closed temporarily and ka retail stores were out of stock.


“digitalization strategy” of liby group showed forward-looking strategic insight and layout. liby group initiated “online purchasing meeting” mode which realize work resumption of nearly 87% of more than 1000 brand service providers during the epidemic. by live training, above 80% of brand service providers opened online ordering within 20 days and completed more than 1000 purchasing meetings with more than 20000 downstream retailers and more than ten thousand orders. besides, all offline shopping guides opened “cloud sales” mode and tried to promote commodities through live broadcast and circle of friends in order to chinese families’ need for disinfection products.

carried out comprehensive digital transformation, perspectiveness determined advancement

liby group initiated marketing digitalization 3.0 project early in 2017, which raised the curtain of digitalization strategy. simultaneously, the it department was upgraded to “digital intelligent center” and started to march towards interconnection, organization ecologicalization and business digitalization. the group gradually fulfilled upgrading and transformation of business digitalization of “marketing 3.0”, “supply chain 3.0” and “management 3.0” and preliminarily built a diversified digital product matrix based on core business.

with “marketing 3.0” as an example, it energized digitalization system, achieved online and digital distribution of brand service providers, integrated business data of brand service providers, gave full digital advice, helped brand service providers with optimization of operational capability, provided retail stores and consumers with better service using digital tools and helped brand service providers lower the cost and enhance the efficiency in order to greatly improve profitability and sustainable development capacity.

furthermore, president chen zebin signed a100 strategic cooperation memorandum in 2019 on behalf of liby group and liby group became the first industry leader signing a memorandum of cooperation. the signing of a100 plan enabled liby group to accelerate the course of full digitalization and enhance the efficiency in many fields by virtue of strong digital strength and technical strength of alibaba economies. for example, “dudu” that greatly elevated the group’s collaboration efficiency during the epidemic was a digital product of deep cooperation between liby group and aliyun and dingtalk.

guided by 1 2 strategy proposed by president chen zebin, liby group was better linked to consumers, fulfilled lean operation and ran through the whole value chain with consumer need as the core through digital transformation.

as the epidemic became a catalyst accelerating digital transformation and reform of traditional enterprises, enterprise innovation and digital transformation strategy initiated by president chen zebin was “liby experience” promoting all industries to pull through the “epidemic” test.

in the new year of 2020, thousands of drivers became ferrymen of epidemic prevention materials when well-prepared and far-sighted liby group walked to the stage of epidemic prevention and control. tens of thousands of liby people became bodyguards protecting angels in white, chinese families and health. 

originated from ceo business insider

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