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disinfection products valued 200 million yuan donated by liby group and cheerwin group were distributed in advance: 400,000km throughout 363 cities
2020-03-30 10:10:16

“families: disinfection products valued 200 million yuan have been delivered up till today, thank you for your effort against time!” at 14:00pm on march 15, a message from the logistics end was sent to mobile phone of more than 10000 employees of liby group and 680 brand service providers involved in distribution……as the last truck full of disinfection products was unloaded, materials valued 200 million yuan donated by liby group to all designated hospitals around the country were delivered in advance.

200 million yuan, more than 10000t disinfection products, 363 cities, more than 2000 designated hospitals, more than 1000 transport vehicles and 400,000km……all these figures were “worked out” by more than 10000 employees and 680 dealers of liby by both hands, feet and wheels day and night.

how to quickly organize upstream and downstream industry chains to deliver necessary disinfection products to the frontline during the outbreak? liby group independently called all employees and partners to open up a “liby rescue channel”, offered help to the whole nation by liby speed and fought the “epidemic” together with medical workers.

disinfection products valued 200 million yuan were distributed in advance

“knowing that the donated disinfection product can kill the novel coronavirus, we must deliver them to the front line against time at all costs!” chairman chen kaixuan recalled, the national health commission released a document that “diethyl ether, 75% ethyl alcohol, chlorine disinfectant, peracetic acid, chloroform and other lipolytic reagents can kill the novel coronavirus at 56 within 30min”, i was sleepless all night long, “ii felt very anxious about how to deliver to the products as faster as possible!”

chen kaixuan was still anxious because winking disinfectant, 84 disinfectant and other disinfection products donated by liby group and cheerwin group can kill the novel coronavirus and effectively help frontline medical workers with disinfection and risk reduction.

“after a decision was made, the logistics department developed the optimal delivery scheme together with the warehousing department and the marketing department and took immediate actions.” leader of the donation group xu xiaodong said, almost all resources were used for donation.

it was a race without a referee, rivals and a warning shot. all liby people competed against themselves based on the faith: fast, fast and faster!

at 17:00pm on the first day of the lunar year (january 25), a truck filled with disinfection products cheerwin group subordinate to liby group was driven by an employee, who abandoned the opportunity to get reunited with families and returned to work, into the second people's hospital of guangdong province. disinfection products donated by liby group were successfully delivered to the construction site of leishenshan hospital in the afternoon of february 29 and other five designated hospitals such as wuhan jinyintan hospital and wuhan caidian district people’s hospital in the afternoon on february 7……

according to statistics, liby group delivered the materials using more than 1000 transport vehicles with a load distance of above 400,000km and delivery fee up to 10 million yuan.

“when i drove to deliver the goods from guangzhou to wuhan on february 5, there was almost no car on the road.” mr. zhou was a driver distributing materials of liby and there were more than 1000 “heroes in harm’s way” in the logistics distribution system of liby group. after returning, he was quarantined and observed according to government regulations.

twists and turns behind material support valued 200 million yuan

“after liby group decided to donate materials valued 100 million yuan to all fixed-pint hospitals across the country on january 22, almost employees in all posts from purchasing, production, logistics and administrative got involved.” xu xiaodong introduced.

at that time, employees took a holiday, goods were undersupply and panyu base “was out of stock”. to deliver disinfection materials valued 200 million yuan to the frontline, production must be resumed immediately. however, many employees were unable to return to work punctually. to ensure material supply, liby group allocated all employees who were able to resume work in advance to the production line.

soon, all production bases faced the difficulties in undersupply of raw materials since many upstream suppliers have stopped work and production……for this reason, liby group immediately used “three broad axes”: helping suppliers and local governments coordinate with work resumption, guiding suppliers to acceleration work resumption and developing new suppliers.

“after our own difficulties were overcome, we still needed to help partners solve their difficulties; otherwise, the whole industry chain did not work and products cannot be produced.” xu xiaodong smiled, “ups and downs” could not describe what they encountered.

before the epidemic, disinfection products were minority commodities with limited capacity. after the outbreak, existing capacity could not satisfy the soaring need and there was a need to enlarge the capacity! on january 29, the 6th day of the lunar year, technical engineer of panyu disinfection workshop lu chujie decided to take a didi tailored taxi to rush back to guangzhou for 300km to prepare for work resumption and capacity enlargement after he waited for 6h in jieyang. lu chujie and another 4 colleagues took turns to overcome more than 20 difficulties such as dosing and production line combination and consequently daily capacity of disinfectant increased by 278% through equipment optimization and technology improvement. besides, backed by local government, liby group increased disinfection product production lines in xinxiang, sichuan and siping bases. workers worked in three shifts, productions lines runs around the clock, daily average capacity of disinfection products rose from 20,000 to 50,000 and capacity of disinfectant increased from 165t/day to 375t/day.

680 brand service providers joined in distribution of materials

“we answered scores of calls on ordering and thousands of large orders every day.” a qingdao brand service provider said that they sought customers before, but now they had drop-in businesses, “but we had nothing to sell, since al materials must be donated first.”

“first, we should supply materials to medical workers of frontline hospitals.” chen kaixuan chose to protect heroes and 680 brand service providers thereof also joined in distribution.

“because we are familiar with our own business area and we can help with delivery.” a qingdao brand service provider sun jie said. especially roads were closed in some areas, local brand service providers should provide assistance and communicate with local government to obtain a permit, “we must spare no effort to deliver the materials to hospitals as quickly as possible. ”

on the 5th day of the lunar year, sun jie traveled to and fro between the warehouse center and local designated hospitals, “we organized 10 vehicles and 20 drivers to deliver the goods by batches in order to ensure the completion of the task.” relative to sun jie, another brand service provider from tongchuan of shaanxi got “lost on journey”, breakdown, towing, borrowing a truck, transfer of goods and tire burst. “we broke into a cold sweat for him.” xu xiaodong said.

“affected by the epidemic, many transport vehicles were unable to go to work and it was very difficult to deliver materials. one family culture of liby advocated everyone to fight side and side and contribute to the society.” sun jie said. although they had nothing to sell and missed market opportunities, they still took a risk to deliver the goods from dawn to night and they did not regret.

continued serving consumers with excellent products and services

what liby group did to fight the epidemic was recognized by all sectors of society. lately, the ministry of industry and information technology released the first “national key enterprises of epidemic prevention and control”, with liby group and cheerwin biotechnology included. it not only greatly encouraged liby group and cheerwin biotechnology for their efforts and active actions to fight the epidemic since the beginning of this year but also effectively supported and promoted subsequent production.

it is the responsibility of enterprises to stand out when they are needed by the society and provide consumers with excellent products and services. chen kaixuan said: “2019 novel coronavirus is an unknown virus that makes us frightened and insecure. i think enterprises should stand out at this moment, take actions and stand beside consumers whether in material supply guarantee, price stabilization, science popularization and product r&d.

insiders told us that consumers would have more choices of disinfection products after the epidemic. disinfection products were minority commodities and consumers purchased simplex products before. now, consumers have a better understanding of disinfection products and portable sterilizing package and sterilizing spray and sterilizing effervescent tablets suitable for travel would be more used by consumers. besides, other daily chemical products would be featured by sterilizing and bacteriostatic.

liby group told us that through years of r&d, it has had vast stores of patented technologies for sterilization and bacteriostat and will launch relevant products according to demand “pain spot” to satisfy consumer needs.

originated from xinhuanet

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