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questioncan infant’s clothes be washed with washing powder?
a. infant’s skin is tender and there is little dust but much protein and other dirt on their clothes, so it’s best to wash infant’s clothes using neutral laundry detergent or soap instead of strongly alkaline washing power. in this case, it is easier to rinse and safer to use.
questionwhy do we feel hot (or burning) while holding washing powder by wet hand?
a. many substances contained in washing powder can dissolve in water, during which heat will be emitted. so, you will feel hot, but it will not hurt your hands.
questionwhich clothes can or cannot be washed using washing powder?
a. washing powder is applicable to cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended fabrics and is not applicable to wool and silk fabrics. it is mainly because wool and silk fabrics contain protein and washing powder is alkaline. thus, protein will be denatured and wool and silk fabrics will be damaged.
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