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jing junhai, governor of jilin province, and chen kaixuan, president of liby group held a symposium and sought development opportunities
2018-05-31 10:06:41

representatives of all parties were active in making statements on seeking common development in the symposium


yesterday, jilin-guangdong famous entrepreneur symposium was grandly opened in guangdong guesthouse. jing junhai, deputy secretary of jilin provincial party committee and governor of jilin province, jin yuhui, vice-governor of jilin province and other leaders at all levels held a symposium with famous entrepreneurs of guangdong province on seeking common development. chen kaixuan, president of liby group, was invited to attend and delivered a speech on behalf of famous entrepreneurs of guangdong province.

chen kaixuan introduced the development situation of liby group to leaders and guests. he said: on one hand, liby will take advantage of regional advantages of siping to actively arrange north korea and other northeast asian markets, expand marketing channel and scale, accelerate liby’s development in siping, elevate the service level in northeast china and even northeast asia and make greater contributions to the economic society of jilin. on the other hand, liby hopes to seek common development with jilin province in genuine medicinal materials, medical care and health and make the massive health industry of jilin stronger and bigger.

chen kaixuan emphatically introduced relevant information of guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area international smart health city to leaders and guests. he said: we deeply hope that liby group and jilin could exploit our own comparative advantages to the full and act in strategic cooperation in investing in genuine medical materials industry chain and enabling leading traditional chinese medicine enterprises of jilin province to enter guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area international smart health city.

governor jing junhai pointed out in the government work report of this year that: in the coming five years, medical care and health among six “greatly improved” objectives, including quality and benefit of economic operation and industrial structure optimization, will become a “new pillar industry” of jilin province. he also mentioned that “improving the business environment is essential for revitalizing jilin.” chen kaixuan said in the symposium: “we are full of confidence in the development of jilin and plan to further expand investment and startup in jilin!”, followed by warm applauses.

interested in president chen kaixuan’s speech, governor jing junhai said: “jilin always has been called ‘northern medicine city’ and offered strong support to chinese massive health industry. our resources can be integrated for further investment and development of jilin!”

after the symposium, governor jing junhai had lunch with representatives and further communicated with them.

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