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energy conservation and environmental protection companied “children”- “green exploration” activity of liby group walked into panyu liby factory
2018-07-23 11:34:57

in order to carry forward traditional chinese virtue, cultivate and practice five development ideas of “innovative, harmonious, green, open and sharing”, guangdong economic and information commission, the communist youth league guangdong provincial commission, guangdong development and reform commission and guangdong provincial education department jointly organized “children under the blue sky” activity. the activity studied a minor energy conservation journey titled “energy conservation and consumption reduction, protection of blue sky”. it led students to walk out of the campus and enter low-carbon energy-saving enterprises and boosted the combination of school education and social practice.

as a green manufacturing model enterprise, liby group first launched water-saving products which intensified the use of renewable resources and used environment-friendly packing materials. meanwhile, panyu garden-style factory was built. it was selected into the first “green factories” and “green design products” in 2017 and became a benchmark green factory of the daily chemical industry.

7on july 7, the 2nd minor energy conservation journey of “children under the blue sky” of guangdong province was successfully held by li le jia, a membership platform of liby group, technology and regulation department and green life research institute. children entered panyu liby factory and had a unique “green exploration journey” there.


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first stop, learn about liby group


children visited honor wall, torch showcase, family portrait and product exhibition hall successively and knew liby group was selected into the first “green factories” and “green design products” as a daily chemical enterprise. 48 of 58 household detergents in the list of green design products were produced by liby group.

as the only daily chemical enterprise which has sponsored the olympic games, liby group fits the theme of the olympic games “scientific and technological, green and humane” well no matter in brand reputation, product quality and technological innovation, or in outstanding contribution to environmental protection and humanity, which fully embodies three core brand connotations: professional r&d, healthy product and the spirit of love.


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in the exhibition hall, students learnt that liby products covered hundreds of varieties of 9 categories for fabric washing and care, tableware washing, disinfection, furniture cleansing, air refreshing, oral care, body cleansing, hair care, skin care and cosmetics and spread all over the country.


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second stop, explore environmental protection secretes of liby group


after visiting the production line of panyu liby factory, children took a bus to the sewage treatment station. it is reported that wastewater treatment equipment of panyu liby factory was transformed to satisfy the increasingly tough environmental protection requirements. sewage treatment equipment adopts advanced bio-contact oxidation process so that treated wastewater reaches national emission standards.

students were most interested in the goldfish pool of the sewage treatment station, in which goldfish were raised using water from the sewage pool. it fully demonstrated a good sewage treatment effect of panyu liby factory. reclaimed water was effectively recycled and recycled water was mainly used for afforestation, washing of test room, equipment cooling and cleaning. the sewage treatment station was rated by the technical committee of experts of environmental protection as “environmental protection demonstration project of guangdong province”.


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third stop, popular science lecture


children learnt not only how green design products were produced but also cleaning knowledge and environmental protection concept while visiting the factory. for this purpose, li le jia designed a popular science lecture, in which children learnt the development history of cleaning products. besides, children learnt how to select green cleaning products through interactions and explanations and realized that green cleaning products could reduce environmental impact and a lot of bubbles produced by cleaning products did not represent good quality. instead, it will be more difficult to rinse clothes and water consumption will increase. even worse, clothes cannot be cleaned and there will be residues. thus, we should use detergents with less bubbles and strong cleansing power.


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teacher li from the green life research institute made an experiment of non-heat washing powder and children did so. children realized the difference between traditional washing powder and non-heat washing power was that the former did harm to skin and emitted heat in water, but “non-heat” washing powder with natural dual biological surfactants and multiple biological active enzymes can be used to clean clothes and protect skin.


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after the experiment of elephant toothpaste with detergent as the active agent, teacher li introduced fruit vinegar detergent, a new product of liby group. with pomegranate vinegar essence and strong automatic degreasing ability, it is called “liquid dish washing machine” which can be used to clean tableware and fruits.


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li le jia, an organizer of the activity, reflected that the activity was highly appreciated by children and parents. in future, li le jia will continue to organize “green exploration” activity in order that more families have a deep understanding of liby group and experience more green, healthy and environment-friendly products, and children acquire knowledge of energy conservation and environmental protection personally, establish energy-saving low-carbon awareness, practice energy-saving low-carbon concept, promote green, healthy and sustainable development and carry out good social customs of diligence and frugality.

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